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Darkgrove Design is an international graphic design studio specialized in CD / DVD Artwork, promotional adverts, websites and professional merchandise. You can find detailed information about the provided services and the company profile on "about" page. If you think Darkgrove can help you with creating a visual identity for your product, do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Dark Sarah CD - Artwork

Coming up later this year - the new album of Dark Sarah "Behind The Dark Veil".

16.03.2014 | Read more

Hell's Guardian CD Artwork

Check out the new metal band from Italy: Hell's Guardian. The band will release their new album "Follow Your Fate" in March 2014.

13.02.2014 | Read more

Ravenia CD - Artwork

Please check out the brand new band hailing from Finland: Ravenia. They just released the first listening tracks from their upcoming EP "Wingless" on YouTube.

31.01.2014 | Read more

Enraged CD Artwork

Darkgrove proudly presents the first metal band ever hailing from Egypt that we have had a pleasure to work with.

20.01.2014 | Read more

Raskasta Joulua CD artwork

Raskasta Joulua is a project of established Finnish musicians / vocalists, performing Christmas songs with a heavy touch. The album was released by Spinefarm / Universal Music and has sold platinum in Finland.

21.12.2013 | Read more


The new EP "Social Entropy" of the UK based band Solar States is out now on CD Baby and iTunes.

29.11.2013 | Read more

Magion CD Artwork

The Dutch female fronted symphonic metal band Magion has released their new CD "A Different Shade Of Darkness"

05.11.2013 | Read more

Leah: Otherworld CD artwork

The Canadian vocalist LEAH introduces her new EP "Otherworld".

09.10.2013 | Read more


Check out the new CD from the Hamburg Death-Metal battleship DEVASTATOR! Their new album is called "Through Oceans Of Flesh"

21.09.2013 | Read more

ARVEN CD Artwork

The German metal band "Arven" releases their new album on August 23rd!

30.07.2013 | Read more


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Erja Lyytinen CD Artwok

Darkgrove had the pleasure to work with the renowned Finnish blues guitarist Erja Lyytinen on the graphics of her new album. The album "The Sky Is Crying" has just been released through Tuohi Records.

17.03.2014 | Read more


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Korpiklaani - Manala

Finnish traditional folk metal pioneers KORPIKLAANI issue further details on their upcoming 8th studio album “Manala” that will be released via Nuclear Blast on the 3rd of August.

23-May-12 18:09 | Read more

Manowar: Battle Hymns XXIV

Darkgrove had a great honour to make the album artwork for the new MANOWAR release: Battle Hymns XXIV.

18-Nov-11 10:28 | Read more